About The DJ

Located in north Dallas, TX, my name is Mike, and I like to go by the moniker, DJ eXb. If you look at the title of the blog, you should be able to deduce where I get the initials “eXb”. Although, with the WordPress theme that I’ve chosen for the blog, I can’t have capital letters in the title. However, if I could, you’d see the name is actually “eXperimental breakdown.” How pretentious of me to throw in just one capital letter, huh? I promise it’s not, though. It just made my logo look cooler.

Here is where I shall post some mixes, random musings, and other things related to my life as a DJ. Hopefully, with some hard work, knowing the right people, and a little bit of luck thrown in, this will be a much more successful venture than I could ever imagine. But hey, even just plain successful would be fine, too. :)


Pioneer DJM-600 (Primary Mixer – love the effects and sampler)
Behringer DJX700 (Older Mixer – love the adjustable cross-fader and EQ kills)
Numark DM1050 (Travel Mixer – love the small size…for those quick-and-dirty gigs)

CD Decks:
2 Pioneer CDJ-800MK2’s (really kind of essential these days)
American Audio DCD-PRO1000 Dual-CD Deck (currently not cooperating…d’oh)

Vinyl Decks:
1 Stanton STR8-80 (yep, I like the wax, too)
1 Numark PT01 (for record shopping…w00t)

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