3rd Room Collections, Vol. 7

Well, here we are again…only six months since I last put out a mix! How time seems to fly sometimes. Okay, so it’s not like six months just flew by without me noticing, but I’ll just say that there have been six months of “decent” excuses for not putting out a mix. However, they’re just that: excuses. So I finally said no more of that and got down to putting together another mix. I’ll describe the mix in a few, but first, a word about “flow”.

Back in the day, I used to be the guy who would put mix tapes together for my friends and family members. Something these people used to credit me with, and something I was always proud of, was that my mix tapes had a great “flow” to them. Now, “flow” can mean different things to different people, but what it meant to my friends and family was that when you got a mix from me, it had a beginning, a middle, and an end. It was, if I may wax poetic, a “musical journey”. This convention sticks with me today whenever I DJ or put together a mix. There’s usually a warm-up period, the “floor filler” or bigger tracks, and then a cool-down segment. I think the “cool-down” segment is a bit unconventional in the DJ realm since typically you just keep people going until they can’t go anymore or until the lights come on, whichever comes first. But that tends to be my style, and it may be relevant to this new mix more than any other that I’ve put out so far (though I think you can go back to some of my other mixes and notice this convention in action more than you might have before). I figured I’d go ahead and explain this “flow” concept so that you can understand why I put together the tracks in this new mix the way I did. Anyhow, on to the mix…

This is a liquid drum & bass mix. You could also say “liquid funk”. And while that wasn’t the term used when I was introduced to the genre, if you follow the etymology of the term (here), you can see that they are one and the same. At any rate, my first real introduction to this style was a track by High Contrast called “Racing Green”. So, appropriately, I’ve decided to start off my mix with this track. And while I could have probably done a whole mix with High Contrast tracks and remixes (since I like the guy’s work so much), I decided to be judicious and only included one track from his latest album. So if you like High Contrast, you’ll probably enjoy this mix. Also of note, this mix will probably expose me as fairly amateur at mixing DnB tracks. To be quite honest, I can’t say I’ve listened to a ton of DnB mixes in my time, so I’m not even sure if I’ve got the right technique for it. Maybe if you know more about DnB mixing strategies, you can contact me and give me some pointers. On the whole, though, I feel pretty good about what I did. Here goes…

DJ eXb
3rd Room Collections, Vol. 7
Length = 74:43
(All tracks are Original Mixes)

1. High Contrast – Racing Green
2. Danny Byrd ft. Brookes Brothers – Gold Rush
3. Sigma – All Blue
4. Brookes Brothers – F Zero
5. Brookes Brothers and Futurebound – Dawn Treader
6. Metrik – Your World
7. Morebeat ft. Gabanna – Goodnight
8. Matrix and Futurebound – Womb
9. Mistabishi – No Matter What
10. Quivver – Chasin’ A Feeling (WHITE)
11. High Contrast – Eternal Optimist
12. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers
13. Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance
14. Paul Sg and Madmen&Poets ft. Keri Greenaway – Rainy Day
15. Infuzoria – Affection
This is an all Beatport mix (except as indicated).

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as…)

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~ by DJ eXb on July 21, 2008.

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