DJ eXb MySpace!

And the promotion train keeps chugging along…woo woo!

Without getting too caught up in the “viral marketing” fads that comprise today’s Internet, I have done something I said I’d never do: created a MySpace page. Granted, this isn’t a “personal” MySpace, rather more of a “promotional” MySpace for my alter ego…so I contend that I’m still holding true to my principles. At any rate, here’s the link:

The idea behind the MySpace page is to get the DJ eXb name out to a larger group of people, and then once the live dates start POURING in…*cough*…I’ll be able to keep people abreast of performances and/or upcoming mixes/releases. As with all of this stuff, it’s a constant trial-by-fire, so we’ll see how this bit pans out. Add me as a friend and let the fun begin! (Note: I initially screwed up the “adding me as a friend” process, but it should be fixed now. If you still have problems, post a comment and I’ll address the issue as best as I can.)

~ by DJ eXb on December 15, 2007.

One Response to “DJ eXb MySpace!”

  1. Wicked sound!

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