3rd Room Collections, Vol. 4

FINALLY, a new mix. It has been over a month since my last music post, and for that I apologize. I’ve been really busy with work and travels and just didn’t make the time. I admit, I was a bit lazy when I had the time off, so to make up for it, two nights ago I forced myself to put this mix together and not go to bed until it was mastered and ready to go. Needless to say, I paid the price at work the next day, but such is life.

The theme of this mix is “summer house”, or more like “end-of-summer house” since the season of fun-and-sun is slowly coming to an end. College kids are back in class, the seasons change, hurricanes blow through…the usual. Anyhow, even though I’m not a huge beach/pool person (what’s wrong with me???), I still think that’s what this music reminds me off. Maybe like, sunset at the beach, gathered with friends, having some cocktails, and dancing the night away. Yeah, that’s it. Close your eyes and imagine while you listen…but not while you’re driving or anything, cuz that would be bad.

A couple of notes about this mix:

1) I took the plunge and bought a Pioneer DJM-600 mixer the other night (I’m insane, but at least I’m committed), so I’m getting used to the feel of it, and the nuances that make it special/different/better than the Behringer DJX700 I’m upgrading from. My biggest thing is that it seems I miss the fully-adjustable-curve cross-fader from the Behringer (the Pioneer has a limited-to-3-curve-settings cross-fader). It’ll take some getting used to, and I may well go back to mixing with the channel faders. I dunno. Either way, you may notice that the transitions in this mix are a bit “choppier” and/or shorter. This is the reason why. But if you ask me if I’ll ultimately regret the upgrade (besides the sizable wallet hit)? Not a chance in hell.

2) This mix is a bit shorter than the other ones that I’ve made, clocking in at just over an hour. While thinking about this, it led me to subtitle this mix, “Happy Hour.” I like the ring of that, and maybe for mixes with that “summer house” feel, I’ll keep them to an hour and start a “Happy Hour” series of mixes. At least that way, you’ll know what you’re getting into when you click play. Let me know what you think.

Anyway, enough with the jibber jabber. Onto the music:

DJ eXb
3rd Room Collections, Vol 4
“Happy Hour”
Length = 62:09

1. Armand van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Album Version) BP
2. Doc Da Funk – Real Love (Original Mix) BP
3. F&A Factor & Diego Donati ft. Wendy – The Way I Like (Original Extended Mix) BP
4. Disco Freaks – Take Me To The Sun (Freemasons Remix) BP
5. Henrik B – Soul Heaven (Fonzerelli Mix) AJ
6. Miami Dub Machine – Be Free With Your Love (Fonzerelli Vocal Mix) BP
7. Chris Montana pres. Bora Bora Chicks – Porto Hustle (Chriss Ortega Remix) BP
8. Super Mal – Bigger Than Big (Lifelike Remix) BP
9. Leonid Rudenko – Summerfish (Scandall Sunset On Ibiza Mix) BP
10. Sergio Del Rio – Parazaar (2007 Gambafreaks vs. Fedo Remix) BP
11. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Salem Al Fakir – It’s True TID
12. Fonzerelli – Spirit (Vocal Mix) BP

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as…)

~ by DJ eXb on September 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “3rd Room Collections, Vol. 4”

  1. Just in time for a long flight. I’ll save this for the trip to NYC tomorrow.

  2. Mikey we should be a pair. B/c every time I’m digging a song it ends up on your next mix. You get me. I should date you. ;)

  3. great song..dude can u PLEASE get 3rd room collections vol 3 back up cuz i cant find that any anywhere. but its cool if u can’t

  4. Not sure why there was an issue with Vol. 3, but I went to the post and sure enough, it wouldn’t stream. It would download fine, but just didn’t want to stream. I went in and reposted the streaming link and it seems to be fine now. Thanks for the heads up, jordan.

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