First thing’s first: Stupid Longhorns had to go and beat my Horned Frogs on Saturday. I was at the game and was pretty disappointed that TCU failed to exit the locker room at halftime, despite the fact that it appeared as if they had done so. That was quite a trick. Anyhow, I was glad for the chance to play Texas, if for nothing else than to show the team and it’s fans exactly where the Frogs are in the echelon of the college football world. Hopefully, the opportunities to play “big” teams continue to come, as they can only make the the program better. And hopefully this trip to Austin on Wednesday goes a little better than the trip on Saturday. And speaking of Wednesday…

Here’s the flyer for the gig in case you’re curious or want to spread it around:

eXb Austin Flyer 091207 2

Four DJ’s on the docket, so it should be fun. We’ll see how it all comes together. A few things about the flyer:

1) I did not create it, in case you were wondering.

2) We will not be DJ’ing from the rooftop of the large building on the flyer unfortunately…though that would be pretty damn cool to try and pull off. We will be spinning from the roof of Light Bar, which can be located by the bright “starburst light” just above the parking lot at the base of the large building.

3) On a random note…for those that don’t know, that large building is the Frost Bank building. Now, growing up in Texas, I know all about Frost Bank and their “we’re from here” [Texas] kind of mentality. Although I’ve never dealt with Frost Bank before, they seem to have a relatively grounded, down-home kind of attitude. (I could be ENTIRELY off-base with this, so correct me if I’m wrong.) Anyway, long story short, something about that building just really says “Frost Bank” to me. I can’t place the reason why (and no, it’s NOT the fact that the Frost Bank logo is brightly lit on all four sides of the building), but I’ve always thought that since it was built a few years ago. I see the building and I just think, “Frost Bank.” Random, I know, but I just felt like sharing.

Sooo…back on topic…KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. The rain and thunderstorms that are in the area right now are supposed to blow through by Tuesday and be all but over by Wednesday. This is a good thing. Let’s hope it stays that way.

~ by DJ eXb on September 10, 2007.

5 Responses to “LIVE GIG Update”

  1. Totally stoked for this! And look at you, number two on the flyer! Make sure to get me on the guest list. I don’t want to have to pay that expensive “No Cover”.

  2. They might limit the size of the list, so in case I can’t get you on, I’ll be sure and reimburse you for the cover since you’re making the trip. It’s the least I can do.

  3. Hey so how’d it go? Sorry I was lame and bailed and didn’t make the trek. Hope was a good time.

  4. It was a lot of fun…or at least I thought so. :) I’ll have some pictures and stuff up by Sunday.

  5. ok he doesn’t have the pictures up b/c i’m lazy and tired after acl all weekend. i’ll put up the pics tonight so he can update here :)

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