Where’d I Get That Song?

As you can see, I’ve started a widget on the sidebar to indicate from which sites I download my music LEGALLY. I committed myself to this back when I began pursuing DJ’ing to a more serious degree. Should I have been doing that before? Of course. But I’ll admit to my fair (or maybe more than fair) share of use of programs like Napster and Kazaa back in the day. I think a lot of us used to do that, and many still do. However, once I started taking DJ’ing more seriously, I wanted other people to take my DJ’ing seriously, too. You can’t get respect, and don’t deserve any respect, when you’re stealing music to boost your own career in the music business.

Interestingly, and maybe obviously, one of the biggest words that draws people to my blog via search engine is “ZShare”. I made mention of ZShare when I was originally planning on hosting my mixes there, and lo and behold it continues to drive traffic to my site. So, I’ll probably always have the word “ZShare” as some sort of tag or metatag on my front page. Thanks, ZShare! ZShare ZShare ZShare ZShare…

But I digress. Anyway, the point being, I’m going to start putting little indicators on my tracklistings that will tell you where I found and purchased each track. They will look like this: BP, DJD, etc. For the most part, the majority of tracks will be found and purchased from Beatport, with an odd scattering of DJ Download, 7digital, et al. mixed in. You can feel free to click the images in the sidebar to take you to those sites, and no, they are not affiliate (revenue-generating) links because WordPress will not allow those on their blogs. I’m a little disappointed about that because, hey, we could all use a little extra income no matter how it arrives. But that’s not my primary purpose of putting those links there or telling you where to buy these tracks. Again, the point is that while I love putting together mixes and bringing music to people that might otherwise not hear it, I don’t condone downloading these tracks illegally. I don’t mind if you search for the odd white label that hasn’t been released yet (I do that on occasion when I find an unreleased track that I absolutely MUST have), but as soon as the track is released, I purchase it, and so should you.

Everyone needs to respect the work of the artists that put forth their time and effort into creating and giving us the music we live for. No, I’m not saying anything new here, and I’m probably preaching to the choir for the most part. But some things, in my opinion, bear repeating. Thanks for understanding. </soapbox>

~ by DJ eXb on August 15, 2007.

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