3rd Room Collections, Vol. 3

Finally another mix. Work has kept me very busy over the past month, so I haven’t had the chance to sit down with a mix. And actually, the only reason I found any time over the past couple of days is because I’ve been out of work with a throat infection (don’t tell anyone…shhh).

Anyhow, as a testament to the diversity of music that I like, I felt like throwing together a trance mix. I hadn’t done one of these since WAY back in the day when I was first inspired by electronic music in the form of, you guessed it: trance. So, while not everyone is willing to “give trance a chance,” I felt like going back to my roots. This is a collection of mostly newer music, but with some songs from earlier in the year that I am fond of. I don’t listen to a whole lot of trance anymore, so my selection and knowledge of the genre isn’t what it used to be. But I can say that my recent infatuation with the track, “Good For Me” by Above & Beyond, is the inspiration for this mix. It’s the kind of vocal trance that moved me back in the day, and still obviously does. A tip of the cap also goes to Miikka Leinonen and “Shadow Hearts” for reminding me of the non-vocal trance that I used to love as well. Yeah, I also loved the cheesier, big-synth-ier stuff, too, but none of that is in evidence here.

One final note before I get to the music…Yes, I have repeated a track in this mix from Vol. 2. Is it sad that I’m already repeating tracks and I’ve only got 3 mixes out? Maybe. I’ll leave that for you to decide. But “Frozen” by Dogzilla is, in my opinion, a great track and will be big once it gets released officially late this month. I liked it so much that I deliberately worked it into my last mix, but it is much more at home here. And now, on to what you showed up for…

DJ eXb
3rd Room Collections, Vol 3
Length = 76:21

1. Alex Bartlett ft. Anthya – Touch The Sun (Duende Vocal Remix) BP
2. Tiesto – In The Dark (Carl B Remix) BP
3. Filo & Perry – Anthem (John O’Callaghan Mix) Vonyc.com
4. Emotional Horizons – Autumn (Jon O’Bir Remix) BP
5. Oliver Smith – Nimbus (Original Mix) BP
6. Miikka Leinonen – Shadow Hearts (Original Mix) BP
7. Global Experience – Malaysia (Original Mix) BP
8. Headstrong – Symphony of Soul (Karl G. Remix) BP
9. Dogzilla – Frozen (Vocal Mix) WHITE
10. Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Above & Beyond Club Mix) BP
11. Markus Schulz – Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Club Mix) BP

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as…)

~ by DJ eXb on August 7, 2007.

4 Responses to “3rd Room Collections, Vol. 3”

  1. I really like this mix. I’ve been going back to trance/progressive lately and this hit the spot.

  2. Good work man! Although I listened to this with the shades pulled and the lights off the first time, I might just let people see me jamming it next time. Definitely dig the Dogzilla.

    We need to get you your “Give Trance a Chance” T-shirt!

  3. Would listen to today as am home sick with own throat infection :^( But still unable to download. Sorry, reading Bridget Jones’ Diary. It’s infectious too.

  4. I love this mix. It reminds me of what I loved about electronic music when I first discovered it many years ago. Nice to hear some new trance/prog, it’s great mood music.

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