3rd Room Collections, Vol. 1

Okay, so as I progress down this wonderful road of blogging and podcasting, I’m learning as I go along. This is all a trial by fire, so consider this first upload a test, and consider yourself a guinea pig.

WordPress (the fine people hosting this blog) have a nifty little audio player that can be very simply embedded into this space with no hassle at all. The only potential problem is: I’m trying to do this stuff on the cheap, and there is the chance that I will max-out the bandwith and/or downloading allowances that I’m allowed (read: I’m signing up for the “free” options). But, for starters, I’ll take my chances and post both the audio player and a link to which you can follow and download the mix to your computer/iPod/etc. As an added bonus, if I do all of this right, there should also be links to this mix spread all over the place, including iTunes. This is yet another reason why I hope not to max my bandwidth out. Not that I think I’ll have a million downloads, but it’s all in the name of progress. This, my friends, is what we call podcasting. I’m sure you already knew that, but again, I’m learning as I go, so bear with me. I will overflow with pride over the simplest things.

This mix is Volume 1 of a series I’m calling “3rd Room Collections”. If you know me personally, you may get the reference. If not, I’ll explain later. I enjoy bringing music to people who might not otherwise hear it or know about it, and I also like making people dance their asses off. So yes, there will be some “popular” music within some of these mixes, but I’m okay with that. If I can bring you an hour+ of bobbing your head, that’s good enough for me. As for this mix, it’s very electro-heavy, and very heavy electro, since that’s what I seem to be into at the moment. As things progress, you’ll see a variety of styles creep in. I have no particular style of dance music that I stick to. I like them all. The audio player and tracklisting are below, followed by the link:

DJ eXb
3rd Room Collections, Vol 1
Length = 78:26

1. Jamie Fisher – Just Be Good To Me (Mr. Fisher’s 2006 Remix)
2. Booty Luv – Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Club Mix)
3. Spektrum – Kinda New (Dirty South 07 Remix)
4. TV Rock vs Dukes of Windsor – The Others (Main Room Mix)
5. Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)
6. Camille Jones vs Fedde Le Grand – The Creeps (Fonzerelli Remix)
7. Phatjak – Dirty Monday (Bart Van Wissen Mix)
8. Andy BopH – Please Call Again (Original Mix)
9. DJ Dan – Rock to the Rhythm (Starkillers Remix)
10. Hardrox – Feel The Hard Rock (Heiko & Maiko Mix)
11. Aaren San – Osc Low Nyzz (Blende Remix)
12. UK Bastard vs Jock McPhail – Electrify (Miles Dyson Remix)
13. Underworld – Born Sleepy (DJ Wady & Patrick M Remix)
14. Zarbizarre (ft 3PM) – Peyote (Unreleased VIP Mix)

DOWNLOAD HERE (right click, save as…)

~ by DJ eXb on June 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “3rd Room Collections, Vol. 1”

  1. I just wanted to be the first to comment b/c I’m a dork like that. I have the advanced copy of this mix before anyone else. EVEN this blog. SO oooooooOOOOOOOO. I like it. It even has the Underworld mix inspired by Austin, TX! I was actually listening to this mix when and unnamed person *cough Mikey cough* got me into trouble at Taco Cabana.

  2. Hey,
    Just thought i would say good tune selection… Nice to see you have my track in there aswell..!
    Take It Easy..!
    Andy BopH

  3. Head bobbing is definitely present ;)

    much love

  4. Solid mix! If I heard this on Saturday, my feet would hate me Sunday.

  5. Nice! But, where are the stop-sets? :)

  6. […] my very first mix, I used a song called “Please Call Again” by the artist, Andy BopH. Being that it was […]

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